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Welcome to the official Friesian Extravaganza 2004
Photo and Video website.

The Official Friesian Extravaganza 2004 video is now available for shipping. It maybe ordered by sending in your order form and payment. Click on Order Form to download and print the Order Form. To see a short preview, Click Here

Photos on this website are low resolution so they will load quickly on your screen. Any photos purchased will be printed at high resolution and color adjusted where appropriate for the highest quality possible.

Driving Pairs Friday Afternoon Driving Unicorn Friday Afternoon Driving Working Single Driving Working Four-in-Hand FEIKE 395 and Phantom ... Cowboy Kobus Clay Maier Friesian Spectacular Sjees Single Friday Evening Sjees Pair Saturday Evening Costume Calvacade Friday Evening Costume Calvacade Saturday Evening Chicago on Horseback Saddle English Pleasure Saddle Western Pleasure Driving Four-in-Hand Friday Evening Driving Four-in-Hand Saturday Evening Dressage Thursday Afternoon Dressage Friday Morning Driving Obstacles Single Driving Obstacles Pair Driving Obstacles Four-in-Hand Presentation of Approved Stallions Driving Tandem French Connection Model Mares Musical Freestyle The Legend of Isabeau Friesian Horse Club Driving Turnout Single Outside / Barns / Warmup 1 Outside / Barns / Warmup 2 Random                  Photos Vendors Visit
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