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Hi, my name is Gloria Muscarella.
The name of my company is Cheval Photography.
Cheval is French for horse - it denotes elegance!

As you can see I Love Horses! I also love God
and the beauty of His creation!
Wherever we look, all of nature cries out....
I am Art!

Gloria uses only the best of Canon's 35 mm and digital photography equipment.

If you need a photographer on the set for one of your movies, she knows her way around.

Gloria not only worked as a Photographer, but has also worked for the Motion Picture Industry for the past 20 years as a florist, decorating sets for Television and Movies. She worked on the set of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman for 6 years and started her horse photography while on the set. From a young age she has photographed animals, flowers and landscape. Her love and passion for horses gave birth to Cheval Photography.

Gloria also photographs for corporations such as Budweiser, Straight Arrow Mane 'n Tail, and cosmetic manufactures. Her photos are sold for use in magazine ads, advetisements, calendars, brochures, web-sites, books, etc.

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